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Web content wizard does not appears. help !

Question asked by fgruyer on Mar 4, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2007 by kevinr
I uinstalled a clean alfresco 2.0, then installed WCM 2.0.
Everything is of at this stage.
I then started to follow WCM Eval Guide 2.0.

When I arrive at creating content stage, the web content wizard at step 2 "author web content" does not show any editing capability ! the screen as shown in page 33 of the guide never shows up.

Screen says:

STEP 2 author web content
Enter your document content into the repository

To continue press next.

there is no editing control on the company profile template???only 2 blank lines.

I fowwolwed twice the whole process, everything works as described except at this stage. Installation went well. what is missing ????