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WCM EVAL guide 2.0 : is there something missing

Question asked by fgruyer on Mar 4, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2007 by fgruyer
In the WCM eval guide, I cannot follow between page 24 and 25.
AT the end of page 24, workflow setting is configured for web project. OK

at beginning of newt page (page 25) start with following sentence: "In the Create Form wizard, click on the Browse icon. Browse your desktop to locate the sample file, company-footer.xsd, provided in extras/wcm within the installation folder. Note that the Root Tag and Name are automatically populated with the value company-footer. Keep this value for the Root Tag but for Name give a friendly label for end-users when accessing this form to create content. In the Name field, type “Company Info Form” and then click Next."

I cannot find any CREATE FORM wizard entry point at this stage, in the web project wizard, the only thing you can do after configuting workflow (step 3) is to confiugure users (step 4). I do not understand page 25 "crate form" step ?????

any suggestion ?