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/alfresco/navigate/showSpaceDetails not working

Question asked by mabayona on Jun 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by mabayona

I´m trying to navigte from a freemarker template to the details screen of a custom space using the following line:

<td><a href="/alfresco/navigate/showSpaceDetails/workspace/SpacesStore/${}" target="new">${}</a></td>

this generates a proper link with the following:

and when i click in this link,  all i get is a white screen.

As a test, if I repalce "showSpaceDetails" by "browse", it works as expected and shows the space.

<td><a href="/alfresco/navigate/browse/workspace/SpacesStore/${}" target="new">${}</a></td>

According to :

it should work and the forums do not report any problem in this area. So I assume that this is something obvious that I´m overlooking.

Any idea?

My enviroment is:
- 2.9C_dev
- The space is of custom type and it shows the space details when clicking the "details" icon
- It happens with both IE and Firefox