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Library status

Question asked by jfilip on Mar 5, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2007 by rwetherall
I'm wondering what the development status of the library is.

I'm trying to develop a client interface with Alfresco and am having some serious show-stopping issues related to the library code.

I recently downloaded a nightly snapshot of the repository recently and it included updates to the 'old' library code (which is what I'm using for browsing).  However there is a missing file in the 'old' library code that is rendering my usage of Categories null and void (an important component of what I'm trying to achieve):

/alfresco/type/Classification.php doesn't exist and is required by /alfresco/ClassificationService.php when using the getChildCategories() method.  ALSO, /alfresco/ClassificationService.php is calling a method from /alfresco/webservice/WebServiceUtils.php that doesn't exists: getCategorySOAPValue()

So, has all work stopped on this old code?  Does that missing file exist somewhere?  What about the missing method?  Does the 'new' code support these features anywhere?