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Missing Link after SSO as admin - Create User

Question asked by mikewaters on Jun 7, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2011 by missionecm
I have implemented an SSO filter according to the wiki
and everything is working fine for regular users.

When I log in as the admin user I get logged in OK, and I can see the Administration Console, and navigate to Manage System Users, but the Create User link is missing.

Most of the conditional rendering is done by evaluating NavigationBean.currentUser.admin in the JSPs but I can't see what is different about the Create User link.The link appears to be defined in web-client-config-dialogs.xml here:

<dialog name="manageUsers" page="/jsp/users/users.jsp" managed-bean="UsersDialog"
                 icon="/images/icons/users_large.gif" title-id="manage_users"
                 actions-config-id="create_user_menu" show-ok-button="false"/>

The create_user_menu is defined in web-client-config-actions.xml but I can't find any logic related to rendering the link. I need to find out how the conditional rendering works to debug the SSO filter which I suspect is not populating the session with all the required data.

So if anyone knows how the conditional rendering of actions works, or can point me at the right place to look, it would be good!