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Problem with LDAP

Question asked by jenglert on Mar 5, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2007 by andy
    I have recently inherited the task of maintaining an Alfresco 1.4 installation from a co-worker.  Users were receiving an error when the logged in and I tracked the issue to be related to a case-insensitive table in mysql. My understanding is that the user was logged in as 'jenglert' bu the user's home space was owned by 'JEnglert'.  Thus, the user did not have sufficient privileges to browse their home space and an error resulted.  I updated the table to be case sensitive as well as set the flag in ''. Users could now successfully log in.  The only remaining issue is that each space seems to be owned by two versions of the same user.  (See the attached picture.)


Has any experienced an error like this before?  Thanks in advance for your input.