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CIFS PRoblem

Question asked by dozyarmadillo on Mar 6, 2007
Hi there

I've recently installed Alfresco 2.0 Community (it's very impressive by the way!) and I'm struggling with CIFS. I created a few users, spaces, etc. I logged in as a non-admin user using standard Alfresco authentication, viewed the details of a Space that the user had access to but I find that the CIFS link frequently doesn't work. I've tried specifying the domain name for the host but this doesn't help.

I found the wiki article This bit confused me - "To enable native SMB support under Windows requires that the Windows native SMB support is disabled by…". Do I need to add the registry key and if so do I need to reboot the Windows box following this? Is the WINS setting mandatory - why would I use this (e.g. anonymous registration)?

Any suggestions?