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problem opening documents in webclient with webdav

Question asked by henknijveld on Jun 9, 2008

I am a new Alfresco user. So the problem maybe know one, but with my best knowledge, I could not find a solucion for it. If someone could help me with this problem, would be nice.

the problem: the edit button in the webclient does not work if it is configured as webdav. (message: The node's content is missing)

I have enabled webdav in web-client-config.xml (<edit-link-type>webdav</edit-link-type>)

If I want to edit a document with no spaces in the path and document name. It goes wel. If there is a space the name path, then the link is not correct. I found out that the spaces where converted to a plus (+) sign.

I found out that in the web-client-config-actions.xml there is a function call to openDoc with the url parameter: actionContext.webdavUrl.

I found also code in the browse bean: (witch I think is called)
Utils.generateURL(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(), node, URLMode.WEBDAV);

and in this function, I see this code:

for (int x = 1; x < paths.size(); x++) {
  path.append("/").append(Utils.replace(URLEncoder.encode(paths.get(x).getName(), "UTF-8"), "+", "%20"));

What makes me think that the "+" sign is corrected to a browser space %20

I can browse the webdav folder without problems (all spaces are spaces), and also the office plugin is working fine with webdav.

Question: Why is the edit "pencil" link not working correctly?

I downloaded the 2.9B community version for windows. I tried the default database and mysql as database engine. no difference.

Somebody want to help me with this one?

Kind regards,