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Virtualization URLs / hostnames?

Question asked by sacco on Mar 6, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2007 by jcox

I have a critical problem with the way that virtualization is handled by massaging the hostname. 

Frankly, for several of my clients' situations this method is so far from being remotely acceptable or feasible that it's not even worth thinking about.  It strikes me that this will surely become a problem also for Alfresco, as the difficulty is greatest in some environments which are exactly the kind of organisation I would expect Alfresco to be targetting as potentially lucrative clients.

The problem is sufficiently severe that I'm being forced to reconsider whether I can use Alfresco at all.  I'm particularly surprised that this is used even for sandbox preview.

Is it really not possible to do this by manipulating the path prefix of the URL?  I've tried to follow the explanations suggested on the Wiki but I really can't see what is the insurmountable problem here.  All we're doing here, after all, is encoding an extra piece of information in the URL: the hostname seems the the least suitable place to put this.