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JBoss AS / JBoss Portal and Alfresco 2.0 integration

Question asked by jimisola on Mar 6, 2007

1) Can Alfresco 2.0 replace JBoss Portal default CMS portlet?
That is, can Alfresco act as the Portals CMS repository?
And if so, what are the pros and cons?
(appearently, Alfresco is far more competent than JBoss CMS portlet).

2) Is there a best practices list for integration of Alfresco 2.0 and JBoss AS / JBoss Portal?

3) Does Alfresco 2.0 work with JBoss Portal 2.6 (still alpha I know)?

The first set of questions is the most important one. I'd really appreciate some input on this as I haven't been able to find any myself.