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Frustration big time ... what a piece of ...

Question asked by anna_kane on Jun 10, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2009 by bwakkie
Not trying to offend anyone, I've spent almost two months evaluating Alfresco, and so far, there's nothing but frustration.

1. We first started with PostgreSQL, Alfresco can't even pass the basic functionalities without throwing error all over the place when doing some workflow. See the issues reported in Jira. Spent almost a month trying to get pass it, so that we could have something to demo to the boss, and have the budget approved. No luck. PostgreSQL 8.1.4, 8.2.1, 8.3.0, 8.3.1. Nothing.
2. We then tried Oracle. Same issues. A lot of people are reporting in Jira too. No luck here either. Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g.
3. Tried Sybase, can't even get pass bootstrapping. Sybase Anywhere 10.0.1. No luck.
4. Tried MySQL. Ok, that one works, and we are not going to use that, it doesn't even have proper collation support for utf-8 encoding. That's not even a consideration.
5. Tried MS SQL Server. Ok, that one works too, but we are a Unix shop. Are we going to have to buy a Windows server just for that? We already have Oracle, Sybase, and PostgreSQL.
6. Is Alfresco really open? The front page said that is is fully open, but I doubt it. There's a community code, and there's some other code which we don't see. From the Jira information, we can see that bugs fixes are going into the other repository only, the open repository don't get much bug fixes. We saw that the bugs are fixed, somewhere, but I keep checking the latest from SVN, and I still don't see it. We are not talking fancy functionalities, just those simple ones. Just basic database access is driving us nut already, I can't imagine going farther than that.

We like open source, we are ready to pay for support, but the first impression sucks, big time. We are talking about advanced functionalities, just basic database access. And out of the 5 databases test, only 2 have passed (one, MySQL, can't even be considered a pass). And those are the databases advertised as supported!

I'm joing another in our company to evaluate Sharepoint and FileNet. The guy evaluating Sharepoint got the system up in 2 hours, with the equivalent functionalities as Alfresco, with all kinds of customizations already.