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Alfresco integration with current Spring/Hibernate/Acegi app

Question asked by derrickhackman on Mar 7, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2007 by marcus
I am looking for some feedback from those that have integrated Alfresco with applications that are build on a similar stack (Spring,Hibernate,Acegi etc…). I have been working on a custom application that employs the same fundamental technologies as Alfresco and now I need a CMS 'tool' to manage automatic content generation as well as user-provided content. I was looking at the community version of Alfresco as a snap-in to solve my CMS requirement yet am a little unsure of its ease to integrate with my application. As a side note I have also been evaluating JNuke as a CMS solution but it is a bit unstable at this point.

Given your experience with Alfresco, how easy or difficult is it to integrate with another application? The level of integration I need will make it look seamless in my app; therefore one application context, using one configuration for Acegi, a single Spring context and a single configuration for Hibernate…   I will also need to manipulate the skin of Alfresco so it can have navigational links and events that will operate against my application.

What have done and how have you tackled integration of Alfresco with other Spring-based applications?

Thank you in advance for your time and ideas/thoughts.