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Association is not very functional in web client

Question asked by rscheele on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2008 by stevewickii
Hello all,

i defined a custom aspect with an associative relationship:

<aspect name="custom:IPR">
         <title>Individuele Praktijk Reflectie</title>
            <property name="custom:StudentNaam">
               <title>Naam van student</title>
            <property name="custom:StudentNummer">
            <property name="custom:Voltijd">
               <title>Voltijd student</title>
            <property name="custom:DatumInschrijving">
               <title>Datum van inschrijving</title>
            <association name="custom:Checklist">
               <title>Verwijziging de bijbehorende checklist</title>

The association is displayed on the property page of a document that has this aspect applied, but my big question is: what to do with it ?? You can't even click it. Why would an end user go to all the trouble: go to property page, search document, associate the document. I am just wondering, how do real world implementations make use of this functionality?? It just doesn't make sense at all..