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alf_data is being fat : is this a dummy question ?

Question asked by tog on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2009 by rogier.oudshoorn

I have being playing around with uploading big (1GB to 10GB) files to Alfresco for few days now. The disk space of my laptop is exhausted :)

I found out that alf_data is getting bigger and bigger. The fact is that even if you delete the files using the trash icon it does not slim down.
As indicated in the wiki, I modified some configuration values:
  - in WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/scheduled-jobs-context.xml
    I put the following value in place of the 4am every day:
        <property name="cronExpression">
            <value>0 0/15 * * * ?</value>
  - similarly in WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/content-services-context.xml, I chose 1 instead of 14:
      <property name="protectDays" >

I restarted alfresco expecting a reduced  disk space within 15 mn …. nothing happened :( I am still stuck at 10 GB +.
Similarly nothing moved to alf_data/contenstore.deleted …

Is the normal behavior ? What should I expect ?
And how should I parameterize Alfresco for this situation (large files) ?

I tried to look around in the forum - there are similar questions but no answer. Is this a stupid question ?