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Search Issue and Search by document package

Question asked by handokowidjaja on Mar 8, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2008 by krisapong
Hi all, i'm a newbie in here, and trying to implement dms for my current job.

I uploaded word document, do a search on the keyword, and everything works fine. I then uploaded a PDF, do a search, and it gave me nothing back.  I then print the original word into PDF, uploaded it and search based on the same keyword, it didn't give me anything on the 1st search, however gave me that pdf on the 2nd search.

Looks like the search function returns a different result when doing a search on PDF. Does anybody know why and how to solve this obvious problem?

I also would like to tag several documents into 1 package and do a search by the tag info. Is that something that can be done in alfresco?