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How to Grant/Revoke roles using Rules

Question asked by senthil.chinnaiyan on Mar 8, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2007 by senthil.chinnaiyan
Hi All:

My requirements are:

1. We will have spaces like this:


All users will upload documents under Drafts folder and it will go through advanced workflow and then will be published by admin group.

2. All published contents will be moved to one level above. i.e from Drafts to Banking in the above example. Published folder (Banking) will have consumer access.

3. When the document is uploaded to Drafts folder, others should not see it. But any body should be able upload any document in Drafts folder.

So basically we need some kind of Restricted Contributor Role for Drafts, which will have Add children+Restricted Consumer, meaning users should see only their own documents.

Is it possible to achieve through Permission configuration?

Another option in my mind is to create a custom action and create a rule for Drafts folder to fire the action upon newly created/added documents. In this approach, I know how to create custom actions but I don't know how to Revoke/Grant Roles. Can any one send me piece of code which should be kept in Action Executer please?