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file path for CIFS/child count performance

Question asked by tim-erwin on Jun 12, 2008
Hi everybody,

I'm using WS and have these two tasks (solved):

  1. get the number of children of a node
  2. get the CIFS-path for a reference
This is how I do it:

  1. childCount = repositoryService.queryChildren(references).getResultSet().getTotalRowCount()
    1. result = repositoryService.queryParents(reference)
    2. path += getName(result)
    3. reference = getReference(result)
    4. repeat from a. until no parents returned
    5. reverse path
    The problem with these implementations is that they are sooo slow, especially the second one as I may easily have 10 WS-calls per item which add up to hundreds rather quick with several items. However, even the one queryChildren() slows down the request drastically. Is there any better way to implement such requests? I thought about maybe using custom behavior for the childCount although that seems to be kinda overkill.