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exception if title in word document contains -

Question asked by dcrossma on Mar 9, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2007 by dcrossma
Hi all,

I am using Alfresco 1.4  and  the web services api.

I folder structure like the following

                  ChildFolder       Child Folder
                          |  Content              Content  
I run a query to to pick my parent folder and then use a recursive method in Java to find all the content below that parent in any of the Child folders.

This works I have tested it with multiple documents, and multiple levels on my tree.

Things go funny though if I upload the same word document to a different space - my thinking on this is that it would not matter as the node Id would be different. The funny thing is if I change the title of one of the documents it all works again. Just to clarify if i check in the same pdf to  a different space it works. This only happens as far as i know with a word document.

After more investigation I have found that the title for the word doc I was testing has a hyphon(-) in it if I remove the  - it all works 

This lead me to think it was a sax parsing error but I dont understand why the first file would work if that was the case.

Any help would be appreciated - I can post code  and a stack trace if you like ?? 

Cheers Dave