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WCM or Custom Model

Question asked by meeru on Mar 9, 2007
Hi, first and foremost, congratulations on this excellent product, it is well designed and very very good!
It uses all the frameworks which i love, so customizing it wont be much of an issue.

I have a couple of questions and would like find out your opinions.
I am evaluating alfresco to be used as our cataloging tool, so i'll be making full use of versioning, transformations, workflows.

I have a bunch of images / data which need to be cataloged, i have a simple schema for them.

1) I would like to create a model which can reference 0 or more images and contain some plain text fields, which is the best approach? extending the custom model or using the WCM to create forms. Right now i am applying an aspect of my custom fields to the image(which limits me to 1 image / record). Then i just enter the metadata to complete the cataloging.

2) When you create new content via the wizard, the content type is restricted to html, text, xml. I dont have any of these content types, i just want the content to be rows from the database. For example, sometimes we dont have the images to begin with so we just catalog the text and add images later. How do i create a custom content type?

Also, down the road, we will support complex objects, where one record will be contain multiple images. Eg, cataloging the Rosslyn Chapel, we'll have the standard text, with various views of the chapel, interior, exterior and so on.

How do you suggest i proceed? Thanks