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SSI: differences between Tomcat and Apache

Question asked by marcus on Mar 12, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2007 by arielb
I'm trying to use SSI to be able to manage my site templates a little cleaner, but am having some problems when it comes to using conditionals that are consistent between Apache and Tomcat. For example, the following is True on Apache

<!–#if expr="$DATE_LOCAL = /day/"–>

but fails on Tomcat, whereas the following

<!–#if expr="$DATE_LOCAL" = /day/–>

is true on Tomcat but fails on Apache.

Has anyone got some examples of string comparison conditionals that work the same on apache as tomcat? So far I'm coming up short :/

Edit: I should be a bit clearer, exact matching eg expr="$variable = string" works on both, but regex matching doesn't for some weird reason.