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Dynamic Model in 2.9C not working

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 15, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2010 by muralie39
Good Afternoon all

I am trying something in my MultyTenant  2.9C Alfresco configuration over my Windows XP machine. I have the nightly built from March 2008, and what I am trying to do is add a generic set of custom Types in the SuperAdmin (single tenant configuration) so all the tenants created over this configuration will have it, and then for each of the tenants I have a specialized set of types customized.

I mean I have two types  customized in my CustomModel.xml and my web-client-config-custom.xml which are in tomcat\shared\classes\alfresco\extension.

Then for each of the tenants I have created I have also created a CustomModel.xml and a web-client-config-custom.xml, with specialized types which can not be shared between them.

After reading the instructions about how the Dynamic Model configuration should be implemented, in each of the tenants, I have placed the CustomModel.xml  in the
Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Models
space and the web-client-config-custom.xml in
Company Home -> Data Dictionary -> Web Client Extension

At this moment I am getting error messages when starting the server, but I would like to know if what I am trying is possible before continuing with this test.