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Business rule to send a mail

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 15, 2008
Hi all

I am gonna have now to develop a function or a code that could be use as a js that can be launched by a business rule, but would like to check if there has been already someone that has done it already.

I need to make a space able to send a mail to an user (at least to the users that are invited to the space) everytime a content is added to the space. This is for a simply "Approval" workflow so that when someone starts the workflow requesting the document to be approved, and the document is moved to the "revision" space, at soon as the document arrives to the revision space, a mail is sent to the owner of the space so he knows that there is a document for revision….anyone can help me or guide me how this can be done!! :-D

Thanks a lot for the help