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Alfresco and FTP on MacOSX

Question asked by arnold on Mar 12, 2007
I've installed Alfresco 2.0 on a MacOSX computer. It uses a MySQL database. Everything works fine but I can't get a FTP connection. (WebDAV works ok) I've tried different ports (21 as default, 1021, 6xxx etc)

The error I get is Connection Refused (-999961) When I enable FTP access in the OSX control panel it asks for a password but admin/admin (default admin password for Alfresco) isn't accepted. (530 Login incorrect)

These are my settings in the file-servers.xml file:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="FTP Server">
     <serverEnable enabled="true"/>
<!–      <debug flags="File,Search,Error,Directory,Info,DataPort"/> –>

This is what I see in the log:

Mar 12 13:23:28 xxxxxxx-computer ipfw:  12190 Deny TCP 212.xx.xx.xx:49300 212.xx.xx.xx:1021 in via en0

The web interface is working fine.

Does anybody know what else I should do?

thnx! Arnold.