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How to add bugtracking aspects to change sets?

Question asked by jrbowker on Mar 12, 2007
Hi folks-

I would like to add some bugtracking information to change sets.   This is information we routinely include when we submit changes in source control, and it's a good practice I'd like to add to Alfresco.

Here's a use case:

* Let's say my company changes its name. I edit a few dozen web pages in my web project.   I submit the changes.  When I submit, I want to type in the ID from the bug tracking system, and a short description, "Updated company name". 

Since there are dozens of files, and since I want to eliminate opportunities for mistakes, I want to type in the bug information once.  I don't want to type it in over and over again for each file.

* The release engineer wonders what this batch of changes is about.  By some mechanism, they can pull up the bug information for the change set in the AF repository.

* The web designer wants to know why this file was changed. They pull up the bug information for this file.

My questions are:

? What would I  apply this aspect to?

?  Are change sets or workflows still associated with the content files after they're completed? Does the information persist?

? Where  can I retrieve the information?

Thank you-