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Is Alfresco right for me?

Question asked by cyberjunkie on Jun 16, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2008 by zaizi

I have to implement the following workflow process. In this process a group of annotators will tag text files manually. The goal is to allocate a batch of files to a annotator. The annotator will tag his/her batch of documents and move on to the next batch. An auditor will audit each batch and approve it:
1) Annotator will check out a batch of documents.
2) Convert PDF documents to text documents. This will be done by an external JAVA based application.
3) Manually tag the text documents using XML Spy. Once the text document is tagged, it will be validated by yet another external  Java application.
4) While tagging, annotators will make entries into a common file. So I require check-in and check-out procedure for files.
5) He/She will commit changes to the document.

Is it possible to manage this workflow process along with external applications? If not, what are my options.