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Simple Document Management System??

Question asked by davidefulton on Jun 16, 2008
I would like to use Alfresco as a simple document management system for MS Office document with the following capabilities:
* A set of 3 life cycle states (In-Work, Released, Obsolete)
* Anyone can checkout / checkin a document to modify it if it is in an In-Work state.
* Anyone can access a Released document, but cannot modify a version that is Released.
* Selected users can designate a document as Obsolete
* Obsolete documents are retained by the system, but are not accessible to typical users.
* Checkout/checkin to an In-Work document automatically increment the file version from 0.1 to 0.2, 0.3 etc.
* Once a file has been Released, it is assigned a version of 1.0.
* When a Released file (e.g., version 1.0) is Checked Out, a new version is created (e.g., version 1.1) with an In-Work state.
* When documents are displayed in the Web Client UI, the file version is included in its properties.
* UI actions are provided to Promote a file to a different life cycle state and other actions that are not useful with MS Office documents (e.g., "edit") are omitted.

We have used Enterprise Network 2.2.0 (159) for a while in an ad-hoc manner and only have the "software developer" template. 

I'm looking for a better template that provides as many of these capabilities as possible.

Can you help?