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Question asked by robain on Jun 16, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2008 by andy
why doesn't this work properly. I have wasted hundreds of minutes on stupid things, isnt there a decent document for lucene syntax on alfresco? not this link "".

To be particular: I have a tags attribute on the contents and I want to search for content who have this particular value set on that content.
@my\:tags:"[@file "/Company%20Home/FOLDER/fol4/*/]"
now the last digit "4" fol4 seems to be a problem. if I do something like fol* it will work. and it will also work if the value itself doesnt have  "4" .."fol/*.." works fine. I also tried replacing with _x0034_ but nothing works.

Does anyone has any idea whats going on ???