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Move scanned doc to space based on metadatavalue?

Question asked by peterh_nl on Mar 14, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2007 by darko.narandzic
Probably a stupid and simple question from a newbie but i'd really appreciate a hint or direction to accomplish the following:

I like to process scanned mail from external source. I dump it into a space and then want to:
1. move it to the userspace\INBOX of the user who's name is in the value of the owner metadata-field of the imported document (pdf with value filled by indexvalue)
2. send a notifier to the user when the document arrives in his/hers INBOX
3. offer the user a simple workflow to handle his mail with some simple workflow options moving the files around untill it reaches the status 'archived' (space under userhome)

I have al steps working as i'd like to test in my organisatie but get stuck on step 1: how to 'automagically' extract the value of the 'owner'-property (=username), find the homedirectory and finally add a move-to-space-action to get it in the space I need it to 'land'? To make things a little more difficult I'd like to use some groups (e.g. 'finance') and move the document to a corresponding (department-)home-space following an equal structure in the simple-workflow.

Can this be done? I 'suspect' it could be done with some javascript but before i dive deep into that i'd like to check whether this is the right direction and .. maybe it's very simple for one or more of you outthere.. :shock:  Thank you very much for your help!
(as mentioned in opening: sorry for this nubiekind of question..(trying to learn fast though.. :lol: