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CIFS and Active Directory

Question asked by dozyarmadillo on Mar 14, 2007
Hi there

I've changed my Alfresco configuration in order to enable JAAS/Kerberos authentication. Access to the web client is fine. If I use the Enterprise authenticator I get "Authentication component does not support MD4 password hashes" on trying to access CIFS. I can get CIFS to work using the Passthru authenticator.

I'm not at all knowledgeable about authentication schemes so I was wondering if someone could clarify some issues for me:

1. What are the pros/cons of Enterprise v Passthru?
2. Will using Enterprise allow me to enable SSO? If so, do I need to enable NTLM?
3. What's the deal with the MD4 error? Is this due to a configuration error?

I would be much obliged if someone could respond to this (Alfresco - are you listening?).