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Logo not viewing

Question asked by hithardhas on Jun 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by hithardhas

   I developed one web page by using alfresco. In this page i created separate header and leftnav webforms. In leftnav we have a logo. So for that in webform(XSD) i added one column for logo. so he selects the logo in alfresco UI itself. For that i created one folder in my webproject. That structure is assets/images/abc.gif. Up to this no problem.

   But in the time of entering values in that form i selected logo form UI. On that time the path of the abc.gif is look like this   /alfresco/images/abc.gif.(It staring with /).  THis is the main problem. My xslt retriving what the value appearing in that text box. so i am getting /alfresco/images/abc.gif. after generating the html the logo is not viewing. if i make the path as assets/images/abc.gif(removed /) manually, it is viewing.It means the assets folder is parellel to that requirement is like that.

I have a solution, i.e, when we select the logo in UI. The path should start with the folder name like this assets/images. not like /assets/images. Actually this is the work with alfresco people.

Let me know if you have another solution for resolving the problem. Even in alfresco sample project also having the same problem.

Thank you in Advance,
Hithardha T