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Alfresco Clustering

Question asked by unknown-user on Mar 15, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2007 by ricardo
We are running alfresco on Redhat AS3 (2 boxes).
We don't have a reliable way to mount a single disk on 2 servers.

What are our Clustering options?

Currently we are thinking about using rsync to sync two content_stores and connect the both the alfresco to single DB.

This issue is the DB cache. Even when the contentstores are in sync and db replication queue is 0, we are not seeing the new conent on the 2nd box. I guess the reason being the data change is fetched by server2 due to caching.

One solution is to clear all the cache by writing a servlet and calling the servlet thru same script which does the rsync. Not sure if this is even a option worth perusing

Any help is appreciated