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Liferay and Alfresco questions

Question asked by mike.ring on Jun 18, 2008
I'm trying to integrate Alfresco into a liferay portal, and I'm running into real versioning problems.  My requirements are:
- Tomcat 5.5
- JDK 1.5.x
- Oracle 10g database
I followed the instructions here:, but using Liferay 4.4.2 and Alfresco 2.2, and that didn't work.  If I use Liferay 4.4.2 with Alfresco 2.1.2, it works fine, but that version of Alfresco doesn't talk to Oracle.  Alfresco 2.1.1 and 2.1.3 don't seem to work either.
What version combinations have people had success with?

I also pulled down the Cignex Liferay/Alfresco/CAS bundle, but I believe that was built for Java 6, and therefore doesn't work on Java 1.5