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Error managing groups -> fix -> companyhome undefined

Question asked by blackout on Mar 15, 2007
Good day,

I fixed the group managing problem as specified in this post, but right after rebuilding Lucene indexes, as I started a workflow that worked before the fix, I had a companyhome unreferenced. How could that be? I tried to put the config back to its original state, but it didn't work…

Update: I uninstalled and reinstalled whole Alfresco server using AlfrescoCommunity-2.0-Setup.exe, I dropped and set up the database, still no effects

Errata: I forgot I slightly modified the processdefinition file to add an <expression></expression>, and didn't know that the scope changes between inside and outside that tag. Can anyone explain me why anyway? I'm just curoius now and I don't understand the reason for that.