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Validating values of custom aspects with a dynamic constrain

Question asked by theorbix on Jun 20, 2008
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by venzia
I need to define a custom Aspect that can have a list of allowed values.

If the list of allowed values is fixed, this can be done easily by modifying the customModel.xml file and adding a <constraint> tag, as show below:

      <constraint name="custom:VerticalMarketAllowedValuesList" type="LIST">
       <parameter name="allowedValues">

              <property name="custom:VerticalMarket">
                    <constraint ref="custom:VerticalMarketAllowedValuesList"/>

So far, so good… but is there an easy way to dynamically retrieve the list of valid contstrain values from an external source (for instance a database table, via JDBC)?

Has anyone done something similar, and can post a description of how this can be done?

Does this require the development of a custom Java component?