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Right way to use Alfresco Community Edition

Question asked by davidcarnon on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2008 by hubick

I would like to clarify what is allowed to do with the Community Edition and what is not.

As a small company, may I use Alfresco Community Edition under the GPL licence for the following purposes:

- selling a set of features (ie: business features adapted to a specific business) which are provided as an extension of Alfresco: the end-user (most probably a company) is supposed to have an Alfresco installation (either Community or Entreprise edition depending on the level of service chosen by the end user) and the extension is installed on top of the Alfresco installation. The extension will not be distributed under the GPL licence but sold to any buyers interested by the product.

- selling online services running on an Alfresco server (Community Edition) - If it is allowed, is it mandatory to clearly state that the services are running on an Alfresco server ?