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Question asked by flexi on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2008 by rohitmichael
Hi everyone,
im a newbie in Alfresco and Flex. I've been reading this forum and tried the suggestion of practicing with the ace project in Alfresco. I did however tried the ace project and also set the library path to Alfresco Flex Framework. However I'm having a hard time identifying the dependencies of Ace project to knowledge base project. I just want to get the LOGIN and LOGOUT functionalities of ACE project..i did however get the login class and change it to application and use script to call the login actionscript so it could standalone, but the ERROR "PACKAGE CANNOT BE NESTED OCCUR". can someone please help me…

Another issue, i import the whole ace project and set the library path to Alfresco Flex Framework. I cannot run the main application. The error " configuration variable 'compiler.library-path' value contains unknown token 'ALF_MODULES' "