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Which revision of source code for Alfresco 2.0 community

Question asked by richard_tsai on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2007 by kevinr
    I don't know if this question should be posted here. If not, I'm sorry.
    I just downloaded Alfresco 2.0 community edition and get the latest version of source code(Revision 660). I found there are some libraries are different, ex. myfaces are upgraded to 1.1.5 and relative libraries are also upgraded, too. Unfortunately, org.apache.myfaces.taglib.html.HtmlFormTagBase.setAcceptCharset in 1.1 was altered to be org.apache.myfaces.taglib.shared_impl.html.HtmlFormTagBase.setAcceptcharset. It makes my login page failure.  anyway. It seems I should get the revision which built the formal released 2.0. Is there anyway that I can download that revision?


Richad Tsai