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Unknown files(Indexes) are being created

Question asked by archana.bonkanpally on Jun 24, 2008

But one peculiar behaviour of Alfresco we observed.
The thing is whenever we do copy or cut , its working fine in all the spaces.
But when we try to copy content of some "x" space into other,some unknown folders have been created.
The unknown folders(indexes) have been displayed in left pane only  when we click on the tree view.
In the right pane nothing is displayed.
After the creation of dynamic folders,the application is becoming slow and after some time it is not all running.
if it is the problem with cut or copy then why its working fine in other spaces.
Is there is any restriction on data(documents) to be uploaded.
or we need t regularly delete the folders from temporary storage.

we are reinstalling the application and restoring backup.

Please respond as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards,