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WCM Workflow and Email Templates

Question asked by brentkastner on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2007 by kevinr

I have successfully built a workflow under the WCM framework that uses Email Templates from within the Alfresco email template area to send emails at various points.  There is one part that appears not to work, or I may just not know how to do it properly.  Is it possible to access the job variables (such as area, and TaskId/jobID) from within the freemarker email template itself? 

Here is why I am asking:
I would like to have an email template that contains auto generated links to the area where a user can preview the files that are in review, as well as a Approve and Reject link.  I have this working fine if I generate the email in the AlfrescoJavaScript directive of the workflow, but it fails in the freemarker email template.   Obviously I would like to have this all in the freemarker email template for ease of use and reconfiguration.

So once again, my question is, how do I access job/task variables at run-time within a freemarker email template?

Thank you,

Brent Kastner
Eye Street