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File Plan template missing

Question asked by rushman on Mar 22, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2007 by kevinr

I can't seem to get the Records Management module to work properly. I can see the Company Home > Records Space but when I follow the steps to create a File Plan as described there, I just can't see the template…

I tried another approach: "Based on an existing space".

I tried to create my records management space using Company Home > Records Space > DOD Records. I ended up with this error shown in a yellow box :

  Please correct the errors below then click Finish. 
Failed to create new space due to error: null


Is there anybody out there who has the Records Management Module up and running? Please, post what you did to make it work, or even better, go on and edit the RM wiki to add a full installation procedure!

Thanks in advance,