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How to update site and prepare next release in parrallel ?

Question asked by ribz33 on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by ribz33

I want to prepare big release of site web (during many weeks or months) and in parallel contribute little update everyday.
I don't know how organize my webproject to do this…

This is my constraints :
- I want that many contributors work together on same future website release and so share modified or new contents for this release.
- In same time, i want to be able to contribute news everyday to my "live" website.
- I can prepare many future release in same time

With ONE staging, i mix everyday update and all next releases so it's not good.  :cry:

Have you an idea to solve this point ?
Is there a simply way to do this ?
How i need to organize webproject to be able to do this ?

Thanks in advance
Best regards.