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Limiting the number of webapps loaded by virtserver

Question asked by sbzoom on Jun 24, 2008
Lets say that I have 10 webapps in Alfresco.  The virtual server is trying to load all 10 and it takes a really long time to startup.  And, when there is a change to a web.xml, reloading is also very slow.

So, my idea for a solution is to limit the number of webapps that the virtual server actually loads.  Lets say 5.

To do this I would:
1) Put a properties file into virtual-tomcat/classes/ with a list of the webapps that I want to be loaded.
2) Alter some source code in the catalina-virtual project to read said properties file.
3) Do a regex in that source code to only load webapps with directory names that match what is in the properties file.

So, my question is, where should I start looking?  What files talk to Alfresco over jndi and which ones load up webapps from the mounted cifs directory?

If anyone is wondering, my big idea is to have multiple virtual servers to break up the load.  I will put a server running Apache in front of them and have a bunch of ajp connectors running.  Then a regex in the virtual hosts to point certain requests at certain machines.

Thanks a lot.