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Search on custom datetime fields in WCM

Question asked by dooley on Jun 24, 2008
I dont know if anyone else has run into something like this, but I have been running into a problem searching on custom datetime fields in Alfresco's WCM.

Heres my exact problem.

1.  Using a Web Form I create a piece of content that applies an Aspect I have created called Event.  This aspect and its corresponding property values are applied using the xml-metadata-extracter.  One of these properties is Date, the type of date being datetime.
2.  Using the node browser, I have been testing lucene queries to grab the Event Date; however, my searches return nothing.  Here is an example of my search

The date I'm searching for is correct, and if I search for the created date, it works fine.  The problem exists only when I try and search for my custom datetime property fields.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.