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Disable User Options

Question asked by etzapata on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2007 by etzapata
Hello everyone!
     I wanted to disable the user option (near admin console) where the user can change their preference home space such as company home, my home, my alfresco and guest home. Can anyone point me where and how to do it?
     I have commented the following snippet in but it didn't work:

# User Console and Settings messages
#title_user_console=User Options
#title_edit_user_details=Edit User Details
#user_console=User Options
#user_console_info=User Options
#user_console_description=Use this page to change your options and settings
#my_details=My Details
#general_pref=General Preferences
change_my_password_description=Use this view to change your password
change_my_password_instructions=Enter your new password.
old_password=Old Password
new_password=New Password
#edit_user_details=Edit User Details
#edit_user_details_description=Use this view to change your user details #and email address
#start_location=Start Location

Thank you very much!