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QA@Alfresco : whitebox testing?

Question asked by zinkfish on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2007 by jrbowker
Hello there,

As part of my research on 'QA in open source projects' , I'm looking at QA practices/testcases/test-tools used by the Alfresco project.
(I must say I'm impressed by the professional approach to QA @ Alfresco , complete with test plans,testcases, schedules, etc.)

I found some information from these links:

I've concluded that QA@Alfresco is primarily black-box testing, built around the usage of Mercury QT pro. Is this conclusion correct?

Some questions:
1. Can I access test reports someplace?
2. Does Alfresco use developer-level test frameworks (Junit etc?)
3. Have you evaluated/used other open source/commercial  automated bug detection tools (Findbugs etc)?
4. Have you evaluated/used other open source testing frameworks, like Selenium?

5. Are there any docs around Whitebox testing@Alfresco? (overall plan, code-level test requirements, etc)

Thanks in advance.