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Some questions about extending / customizing the Web Client

Question asked by sebu on Mar 23, 2007

I have some questions about customizing the Alfresco Web Client:

1. Search in Custom Fields of Custom Space Types

Can the search be extented so that it supports searching in Custom Fields of Custom Space Types?
We want to create a Custom Space Type "Customer" with customer metadata, and we need to search within
this metadata. We want use a Custom Space Type since each customer has a set of documents (with itself
have custom aspects and so on). Or is there a better / more elegant way regarding customers and their
documents? (we need to restrict access to the users per-customer, another reason for using one space
for each customer)

2. Document "Bundles"

We need some kind of document bundles, a set of documents with the same metadata (aspect)
We know this is possible by using a single master document and using child associations to other documents,
but is there a better way? Are there plans for a future version?

3. Grouping of Custom Fields in tabbed panes

I filed a feature request but got no feedback:

I will wait for feedback in the bugtracker, but: maybe grouping custom fields in some kind of tabbed panes
is already possible?

4. Search in multiple (even custom) fields


Is this planned for a future release?

Many many thanks in advance