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New J2EE project with database using Alfresco

Question asked by t.boibes on Mar 23, 2007
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2007 by t.boibes

sorry per advance for my english. :)

I'm a new Alfresco user (and futur developper). I'm starting a new project using Alfresco 2.0. On that project I have to link some business requests stored in a database (with a lot of information about them) to a list of documents stored in Alfresco. That project will use content managment and worflow in Alfresco. For the business requests part, I have to make a short J2EE application (based on JSF) that will allow consultation/creation/edition of requests (and uploading/consultation of documents).

The architecture still not be defined. So I think I have 2 otpions :
- make a J2EE application AND an Alfresco application ; and make the J2EE application communicates via Web Services with Alfresco.
- include my JSP directly in the Alfresco application and use the Alfresco Native API. (using portlets ???)

My preference goes to the first one. Because I think it will be more easy to maintain the J2EE application.
It is more difficult to use the Alfresco native API than the Web Service API in order to create/Delete/Move … forders and content or not ? I maked  test on the Web Service API but I'm confronted to the lack of documentation on it (I didn't found neither Javadoc nor complete examples but only short samples).

Please could you give me some advices and comments.

Thanks a lot !