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Incremental index rebuild doesn't work

Question asked by ironman77 on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2008 by andy

i am trying the incremental lucene index recovery for example from the auto created index back (every night a 3) which doesn't seem to work with CE 2.1.

Although the reindex seems to be working, as the log states:

10:14:53,900 INFO  [org.alfresco.repo.domain.schema.SchemaBootstrap] No changes were made to the schema.
10:14:55,211 INFO  [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.IndexRecoveryBootstrapBean] Checking/Recovering indexes …
10:14:55,254 DEBUG [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.AbstractReindexComponent] Checking for transaction in index: 177657
10:14:55,262 DEBUG [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.AbstractReindexComponent] Transaction 177657 has 1 updates and 0 deletes.
10:14:55,310 DEBUG [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.AbstractReindexComponent] Index has results for txn 177657 for store system://system
10:14:55,310 DEBUG [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.AbstractReindexComponent] Transaction 177657 present in indexes: YES
10:14:55,311 DEBUG [org.alfresco.repo.node.index.AbstractReindexComponent] Reindex work completed: org.alfresco.repo.node.index.FullIndexRecoveryComponent@12

the alfresco initialization doesn't work because of this strange error:

10:14:55,937 INFO  [org.alfresco.service.descriptor.DescriptorService] Alfresco started (Community Network): Current version 2.1.0 (482) schema 64 - Installe
d version 2.1.0 (482) schema 64
10:14:56,205 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] Context initialization failed
org.alfresco.service.cmr.repository.InvalidNodeRefException: Node does not exist: user://alfrescoUserStore/029bebd6-41bd-11dd-ad38-2163e9f1f618
        at org.alfresco.repo.node.db.DbNodeServiceImpl.getNodeNotNull(
        at org.alfresco.repo.node.db.DbNodeServiceImpl.getParentAssocs(
        at org.alfresco.repo.node.AbstractNodeServiceImpl.getParentAssocs(
        at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor115.invoke(Unknown Source)
        at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

If i rebuild the index complete everything does work fine - so where is my mistake? The wiki states that incremental index recovery is possible and should be preferred.  

Thanks in advance!