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Huge amount of data in contentstore directory

Question asked by tkrieger on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2008 by tkrieger
Hi there,

i am a newbie to alfresco. So far it is a really nice product which has some tricky installation but not too tricky. So i got an CIFS Server and the Web-Interface working. When i try now to setup some backup scripts to get it in a productivity installation. I was wondering why the tar command takes so long for the "contentstore" directory. I had a look and saw that the amount of data is 2,4 GB on this directory. But on the normal Windows Share i have only ca. 10 MB of data.
I know that some Versioning and deleting is kept so that is normal that the contentstore is bigger than the normal view. But so much differences ???

I got the community version 2.1 on an ubuntu 8.04 server running with tomcat. I read something about cleaning up the contentstore but the given hints already in my "content-services-context.xml".

Hoply someone can give me a hint what is the cause for this?