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Alfresco Web Client not working - DNS condiguration

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2008 by jlabuelo
Good Afternoon all

I have a problem working with my Alfresco installation which I think it is related to the way the Domain DNS is configured. Let me explain you. I have installed in a server an Alfresco 2.9C instance. We have configured and we work internally with it (SSL, MT…whatever works fine). Now we have bought  an Internet Domain so we can redirect it to our server and work remotly from home if we need it. lest call it

We have bought it from a Domain provider and we have redirected it to our server in a "Frame" mode, it means that instead of seeing
we always see

The first strange thing with this configuration is that when you type, in the login screen you get a message saying

"Cookies must be enabled in the Alfresco Web Client to allow the system to work correctly"

Which we never saw before when working directly.

Then if we log in, we can navigate through the spaces of the application also correctly (but the address in the IE client is always, but no matter which rights our users have, we are not able to Add any New Content at all.

If we configure the web Domain and we redirect it to our server in HTTP mode (which means that if we type it will be changed by the ip address and port of our server), the system works correctly however as soon as we click on enter after typing, the url of the IE client shows
and all the spaces we visit are shown in the url. Also no message related to the cookies is shown in this DSN redirection mode

What we want to avoid is the people from outside to see our ipaddress and the port they must connect to access to our server, as this is not very safe for our server.

Any ideas of what we should do??